You’ve no doubt heard that video is one of the most effective tools you can use for online marketing. It’s true; in fact, a video may be exactly what’s needed to give your product or service the traction it needs. How do you get started with video marketing? An explainer video is the perfect way to begin.

An explainer video is a concise and effective summary of the services your company offers. It is a one to three minute video, often animated, that explains how your work addresses client needs, using clear and accessible language backed up with images and graphics. An explainer video should be compatible with your company’s overall branding and marketing strategy.


What explainer videos are available?

Clientcomm has developed a series of videos for financial planners to help explain financial planning topics and strategies. Clientcomm videos are customised with your logo and contact details. Videos will be uploaded to your YouTube channel and Clientcomm website.

Our video scripts have been written by qualified Financial Planners and we will liaise with your licensee to make any necessary changes required to obtain compliance approval.

*The following explainer videos are compliant and approved for AMP and MLC Financial Planners only. Please contact us if you would like us to liaise with your licensee or industry association.

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Whiteboard (Doodle videos)

Whiteboard videos convert your messages into an engaging video using hand-drawn images. These videos are highly engaging and spark curiosity in viewers. These videos work with a wide range of audiences.


Motion Graphic Videos

Motion graphic videos are to-the-point and straightforward in presenting facts. These videos use fonts, photos/graphics and a voice-over to present a message. Mature, professional audiences are good for motion graphic videos when you’re trying to present something complicated in a clear way.


Engage your clients and prospects

  • Place your branded videos on your website
  • Send videos to your clients and prospects in email newsletters
  • Add links to the videos on your social media pages



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