Rocketseed can turn every email sent by each staff member into a marketing message from your business. Promoting your services and driving traffic to your website with eye-catching banners and email signatures for each employee.

Consider this…..

  • an average employee can send up to 230 emails per week. That equates to over 11,000 missed marketing opportunities per year. If only one of those emails results in a new client or additional business, you will have paid for Rocketseed many times over.
  • every email sent by every company employee, even via mobile devices, should automatically contain vital marketing information, such as banners linking to relevant company web pages, links to relevant company social media profiles and information about services, no matter what device the email is sent from.

How does it work?

Once set-up, your emails are sent to the Rocketseed server and then instantly delivered to your recipient with your customised email signature. All you have to do is send your emails as usual and the rest will just happen!



Marketing made easy

Rocketseed can turn every email sent by each staff member into a marketing message with customised email signatures.


Promote your services

Subtly promote your services and drive traffic to your website with eye-catching email signatures. Each staff email can have targeted marketing banners promoting different services.


Targeted marketing

Have specific banners display to different recipients depending on their market segment. Recipients see different service offers with rotating banners.



You receive an email each time someone clicks on a link in your email signature. You can measure and track the click-through and response rates for each recipient.





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